3d Animation production

It fits into so many visual elements we produce. We produce 3D content for an array of usages and project types from, broadcast commercials, environmental studies, print advertising, PowerPoint presentations, museum exhibits, trade show attract loops, feature film visual effects, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, websites, product prototypes, corporate presentations, television show openers, murals, e-commerce, web banners, medical, pharmaceutical mechanisms of action, training applications, mobile apps and games.
3d just rock in its versatility and adds value to productions. REM’s render-farm handles both 3d and 2d animation as well as extremely high resolution still renders for murals. The render-farm also churns through 4k video production common with the wave of 360° degree Virtual reality experiences. Our 3d production methods are in a constant state of R & D and we are actively camera tracking and compositing 3d elements into 360° video plate footage and visa versa to support Visual FX for Virtual reality production projects.

Medical Animation