REM produced several exhibit experiences for the MBNA Corporate museum.

Visitors are greeting with an elegant display of the companies affinity credit card product line. The product line was recreated though 3D animation and photo realistically catches the light on their embossed and holographic surfaces as they revolve and transition into each product. REM also created a high energy triptych LCD display presentation highlighting MBNA’s Sports Marketing division. A single screen interactive presentation highlights MBNA Advertising offerings allowing user’s to touch thru the companies broadcast commercials. Finally we produced an interactive 3D timeline and a real-time 3d product visualizer for their 10′ video wall feature exhibit. We provided the custom UI/UX and coded interaction allowing visitors to drive the exhibits content via an elegant crystal themed touch screen interface.

MBNA Museum Touch Screen Control Interface

UI/UX design, layout and programming for touch screen control interface of a 9′ x 12′  HD video wall exhibit. A custom 3D rendered HD Timeline highlights the milestone points throughout the company’s history and user can adjust to specific years via the control screen.

A separate program within the system displays a VRML 3D Card Visualizer (virtual reality modeling language) to select and display products interactively on the big screen. Used as a photo opp for visiting client, the wall displays the affinity credit card products as a “larger than life” backdrop with full 360 rotation control from the touch screen.

Magical automation using VRML

For new prospective clients, desired card artwork would be discussed in a meeting upstairs and a mock of the card face would be emailed to the video wall system, a listening app designed to monitor the incoming email account would instantly pull the art, convert the art and then push it to the Card Visualizer interface, showing instant and near magical integration of the prospective client’s goals.