REM Studios provides a single source for an array of creative, technical and visual content expertise. We believe in becoming part of our client’s team, and making their goals our own.


Beginning in 2000 as a full service creative advertising design studio we have grown with emerging creative and technical skill sets. Embracing online advertising requires constant evolution and we have always embraced emerging technologies and method to produce results driven content. We have embraced programmatic buying content in 2010 long before it was mainstream and began utilizing html 5 for our ad production in 2013 to effectively penetrate mobile engagements for our clients. Continuously blending creative with technology is what love to do and do it well.

In today’s market work needs to be efficient and timely. Our work with several large agencies and over 700 brands has reinvented the way display banners are designed and coded in allow delivery of go live campaigns in a fraction of the time. Creative and technical proficiency has been integrated into our html 5 production offerings and we specialize in volume ad design and production, and have created over 3,500 ad campaigns.


Acquisition, retargeting and reactivation banner design and coding



We maintain a knowledge base of development trends, current tech and languages in order to better integrate development strategies into clients creative design initiatives and better execute deploy-able code, efficient content production and user experiences.

By working in this way, the design and hands-on technical content creation experience is not limited by channels. It’s allowed us to produce in a broad array of disciplines and cohesive services matched across campaigns, including but not limited to:…

  • Mobile Ready Ad Design
  • Responsive Landing Page Design
  • HTML email design
  • Newsletter design and production
  • Content conversion from Legacy flash ads
  • UX and UI design for Kiosks/Touch/Mobile

HTML, CSS, JS, ANDROID, C#, WEBGL, VRML, PHP, JQUERY, and NODE.js,  design and content creation.

Active R&D in futures

  • WebGL 3d internet experiences
  • VR Oculus Rift the GearVR
  • New methods of customer and eCommerce engagement
  • Human interaction studies
  • AngularJS

Similar work with email marketing services for B2C, B2B and niche consumer category clients leveraged a connection to Yahoo Mail allowed us to design a system that replaced custom html tags within emails with more complex java-script server-side code . This triggered integrated Yahoo Applications to inject Javascript code needed to playback and display video within the html email creative, again separating complexity from the design process.

This innovation allowed us to design and code over five thousand HTML emails for direct market use, and utilize video and animation in the inbox to enhance the message, without rendering, deliver-ability, or file size issues.

Video and animation in email






Mobile 1st Website Design and Development





Print Design & Illustration




Email design and code production

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