Dave Mountain – Senior Creative Director

REM Studios has been my go-to design and coding source for the past nine years for one very simple reason: they are remarkably more effective than any other option that I tried. As the creative director for two different companies that handled hundreds of pieces per month, I had to ensure that my department was exceptionally competitive, so we put them up against any number of competitors. They just won, over and over again, on turn, effective cost, and quality. REM never failed to exceed expectations, whether it was a question of deadline performance, product quality, keeping the client informed or going the extra mile with attention to detail and anticipation of needs.
Bob has the design chops, technical rigors, and pure candor that make for time and workflow efficiencies. In addition, he is one of the easiest creative professionals that I’ve ever worked with, tremendously versatile when it comes to understanding different technologies and great at finding the sweet spot between user experience and brand marketing needs.