Recreating the action of live poker in digital form for Lightning Poker.

A 10 Seat Dealer-less Casino Poker table with 15″ Player touch screens and 40″ Community LCD display.

User Experience (UX) Challenges/Goals

  • Create a sense of realism matching the experience of casino poker.
  • Move away from the Graphic look of online poker.
  • Establish a synchronized connection between the users individual touchscreens and the large center community screen.

REM’s solutions to the UX challenges included

  • Photo realism in the creation of artwork representing poker elements (chips, cards, main pot side pots, rake shoe etc).
  • Fluid Realistic motion and actions of the cards and chips.
  • 100% accuracy in scale to the chips and cards.
  • A matched style to player hand position to invoke the viewing of their hand.
  • Realistic matched sounds to all elements.

User Interface (UI) Challenges/Goals

  • Dynamic art to produce any bet amount between $1 and $10,000,000.
  • Produce flexible UI to support an array of poker games, Holdem, Omaha, Omaha 8 etc.
  • Produce flexible UI to support No-Limit, Limit, Ring Games, Tournaments and Sit n Gos.

User Interface (UI) solutions
Wire-frames were produced of every screen potential with coordinates for position and rotation of each piece of art and animation providing data to be programmed into the core. This allowed 2d and 3d art production to coincide with development teams.

Wire-frame UI Community Screen Examples (click to enlarge)

Wire-frame UI Player Screen Examples (click to enlarge)

Administration and Floor Support UI Examples (click to enlarge)

Sizzle Video of Table in Action (click to play)

REM was also commissioned to created Branding, Print Design, Advertising, Website, Launch promotions etc. (click to view)