Robert E McKeever Studios LLC

Creative design & production

Award winning AR campaign production

REM Studios is the home of Robert E McKeever

Freelance creative designer, 3D animator, and AR specialist/patent holder.

Status: Currentlly available and accepting projects. Contact Bob McKeever

Unlock the Power of Augmented Reality with Innovative AR Solutions

REM Studios produces immersive interactive mobile Augmented Reality(AR) experiences. Our code automation technology at ARConnex, allows us to produce stunning 3D AR campaigns at a fraction of the cost traditionally required.

Blazing fast AR production pipeline

  • Patented AR Code Automation
  • Dynamic Animation
  • Stunning Visual Fidelity
  • Lifesize AR capability
  • Audio/Video/Physics/Particles
  • Interactive 3D products
  • Custom UI's
  • Hyperlink experiences together
  • Immersive 1000m 3d stage
  • Unity - Vuforia - ARKit - ARCore

Elevate Your Brand Experience with Immersive 3D AR Campaigns

Our unique production pipline removes the time and cost of AR programming & app deployment, turning complexity into a creative process. Without the typical AR investment, businesses can easily extend digital and print campaigns with on-demand 3D experiences.

Our turnkey service ensures a seamless process from concept to implementation, saving time and resources while delivering results that engage and captivate your audience.

REM helps brands and agencies enhance sales and marketing campaigns, with 3D visualizations, interactive meassaging and lifesize content customers and prospects can place into their own enviroment for unforgettable brand experiences.

Add AR engagement to images, print, mobile links & SMS text messages





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Robert E McKeever Studios, LLC - Hamilton, New Jersey 08620
Phone - (609) 510-2102 | Contact Bob McKeever

Core Expertise

AR experiences400+

U.S. Patents in AR 1

3D Art/VFX20 yrs.

AR Production 14 yrs.

Unity 3D Engine 15 yrs.

Ad Design print/digital 16 yrs.


  • Dave Mountain - Google, MNG Direct & Mybuys

    REM has been my go-to design and coding source for the past nine years for one very simple reason: thry are one of the easiest creative professionals that I’ve ever worked with, tremendously versatile when it comes to understanding different technologies and great at finding the sweet spot between user experience and brand marketing needs.

  • Tim Moran - Moranimation Inc.

    Bob is one of the most innovative, hard-working creatives in animation and motion! Right- and left-brain artists are a rarity in this world, Bob is one of them!

  • Mark Lee - Carbon Inc.

    Robert is a very creative and knowledgeable person. His unique combination of both creative design and technical knowledge allow him to create some truly amazing projects for his clients. It’s always a pleasure to work with him.